About Us

Through excellence in delivery and a positive approach, we aim to provide a quality, dynamic and energetic environment where the clients’ needs come first. We will constantly encourage motivate and inspire them to reach their greatest potential and achieve the results they expect, by exceeding those expectations and furthering our knowledge by keeping up to date with new and emerging ideas and technologies.


To provide professional fitness training in a friendly environment which motivates and encourages you to be your best. Making fitness and staying in shape accessible, fun and fast!


Our expert trainers provide quality classes that consist of a 10 minute mobility warm up which corrects posture and improves flexibility. 

Following that we use any combination of 5 methods and 16 protocols with over 100 different exercises to create a fast paced 30-60 minute bodyweight workout.

Sessions finish with a 5 minute stretch cool down to aid recovery and flexibility.

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